Severine Desbouys

was born on August 17th 1974 in Vichy, France. French cyclist champion, High-level athlete from 1990 to 2004, she begins cycling in 1989. In 1990, she joins the France Team that she will quit in 2004. In 1998, she gets her MBA, specializing in Sport management from Euromed, then joins DGDE for the Town hall of Marseille. In 2003, she focuses on International Business Development. She creates DSC, a company specialized in Strategic consulting, Business Intelligence and Lobbying.

Desbouys Severine Consulting


Severine Desbouys is helping international companies since 2003 through her company specialized in Strategy, Business Intelligence and Lobbying. Her company is specialized in Business Development of her customers internationaly and more specifically in highly evolving markets.

While carrying high values linked to Sport and Olympic Games from Severine, DSC demonstrates an innovative global aproach to sustain you in your ambition.


Severine Desbouys

Sporting career -

In 1997, Severine Desbouys explodes in Sport. In 2000, she wins two stages of the Women’s Tour de France (Grande Boucle féminine), and wins the King of the Moiuntain Jersey. She wins the International Trophy and finishes Fouth World Rank. In 2001, she reaches an important milestone and decides to become a professional cyclist. She joins the number one World team at that moment, Gaz Sport, and becomes its leader with the Bielorussian World champion Zinaida Stahurskaia. That same year, while she is at the 4th place of the Women’s Tour, she has a serious fall in the Bourges stage. Severine suffers from multiple fractures to the knees, her multiple contusions and days in a coma will keep her away from Cyclism for amost a Year and a half. In 2003, she resumes her career with the objective of the Olympic Games of Athens in 2004. On the evening of the the France championship in Plumelec in 2003, she decides to stop her sport’s career.


Severine Desbouys

Professionnal Career -

In parallel to he her high-level athlete activity, she has been working for 5 years with the Town Hall of Marseille which she joined in 1998. She leads the Euro Mediteranean project and more specifically the application of Marseille for the America Worldcup.

In 2003, she pivots by joining the Business World and becomes the Press agent for the Professionnal Cyclist Team She creates DSC in 2004, a consulting firm specializing in Strategy, Business intelligence and Lobbying. Severine Desbouys is Today specializing on Business Development of French companies and focuses on high value markets with large evolution such as Brazil, Turkey or China…

Severine Desbouys

Engagements -

In parallel, Severine Desbouys uses her experience to bound the Sport, Military and Professional worlds and helps high level athletes in their redevelopment. She frequently joins conferences:

Severine Desbouys

Women in Sports -

She also invests a lot for a better representation of Women in Sport and in Society.Through the Women’s Forum, she showcases Women athletes in governance bodies.

  • « Women in sport – A new Initiative advocating gender parity on and off the playing field »

Severine Desbouys

Training and redevelopment of high-level athletes -

She demonstrates her engagement for sport at all levels:

  • « Sport et santé en entreprise » during ” Les rencontres FFSE – fédération Française de Sport d’Entreprise”
  • Sport in Schools as an ambassador to UNSS for the past Four Years.