Sport in schools

Severine is ambassador for the UNSS and advocates Sport in schools and college. She carries a message for the new generations: Sport is an essential Tool for development; for insertions and social networking. Sport in school must erase inegalities and allow everyone to find its place and prepare for its future life. Sport is a school for Life that must be taught to children as early as possible. This engagement comes from her own experiences: Scholl allowed her to develop her full potential.

  • Severine Desbouys’ Testimony for the Magazine Marie Claire. “School saved me”
  • Severine Desbouys is ambassador to the UNSS since Four Years.



Women in sport and business

More Women in Sport and Companies Director’s positions, this is another key engagement that Severine is pushing for. With many Business and Sport personalities, she demonstrates that you can be a Woman and impose yourself at the highest levels. She recently led a conference with Women athleteds at the 2016 Women’s Forum Conference, called « Women in sport – A new Initiative advocating gender parity on and off the playing field ».



Training and redevelopment of high-level athletes

Finally, she creates a bridge between Sport and Business. Being a high-level athlete allows to acquire precious competencies that can be used in the Enterprise but athletes must be supported in their redevelopment. So Severine supports these athletes for a succesful insertion in the professional World.

  • Participation of Severine at the conference of ANAJ-IHEDN. “Why is the high-level athlete an asset for the Enterprise World”. March 26th 2015
  • Participation of Severine at the conference “IHEDN encounters”: Invictus, Sport is War. April 2nd 2016
  • Participation of Severine at the conference “Sport and Health in Enterprise” during the meeting of the FFSE, French Feferation of Sport in Enterprise